Why Us and What We Charge

Pricing Guidelines 

Option 1*

Basic 5 Page Website
  • Pages – Home / About / Contact / Directions / Products and Services
  • Website to be a basic online company brochure, remaining fairly static in terms of features, functions and growth.
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Option 2*

5 Page Expandable Website with Content Management System
  • Basic website built on a software platform allowing for future growth.
  • Get started out‘ budget, but features can easily be added.
  • Unlimited future scaling options include full eCommerce package.
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What’s Included as Standard in ALL Web Design Packages

  • Detailed proposal / quote / contract
  • Hosting setup (must be our hosting or a Hosting Company approved by us)
  • Email account creation and forwarding
  • GZip file compression for fast loading
  • Basic SEO formatting for Google Search compatibility 
  • Automated updates of core software and add-ons 
  • Training – 1 hr phone or on-site for customers within 30 mile radius Havelock NC (if needed)
  • Unlimited phone support for 3 months
  • Unlimited email support for 6 months
  • Free website Backup/Malware Protection for 6 months ($90 value – learn more)
  • On final payment, you own all files, images, software etc

What’s Not Included

  • Domain Registration (available from us at $18/yr)
  • Hosting (available from us starting at $100/yr)
  • SSL Certificate (needed for Option 3 only) ($75/yr)

Existing Website Overhaul

We can often rework an existing website to freshen up the aesthetic and modernize the navigation etc. However, make sure your existing website is mobile responsive. If it isn’t then we’ll transfer the website to a WordPress installation and enable responsive layouts.

Reworks generally take 4-12 hours and we charge $65/hr

Tech Support and Service

We offer tech support packges or we can bill ad-hoc service/support at $65/hr

For new projects we include support in the contract price and we rarely bill for minor support issues.

For other options / specifications, please submit a quote request and outline your needs, or call us on 252-652-7357

These prices are for guidance only. Once we have a full understanding of your needs we’ll create a detailed proposal and price. The price may change based on what information and materials you can provide us. For example, do we need to design a web-ready logo for your business, take photos of your premises/products, or write detailed web copy?

Why So Much Less Than Your Competitors?

This is the question we’re invariably asked when we submit a quote / proposal.

In a sense, our low pricing works against us as potential clients must think that something they need is missing, or they’re going to be charged more after we get started. Neither of these are true and here’s why…..

We Maintain Low Overhead

  • We don’t work from expensive downtown offices.
  • We don’t have an expensive team on a fixed payroll – we work with talented people whom we know well, and they work for themselves.
  • We don’t throw money around on expensive ads – we rely on word-of-mouth.
  • We cost our time at a sensible hourly rate and we work efficiently and effectively.

We've Been Around The Block

  • Our two Owners/Team have years of combined experience in technology, engineering, design, sales, marketing, retail, running a business…etc. We know what we want and we’ve a pretty good idea what you want too. 
  • Our mantra is ‘get it right the first time‘. Years and years of working within a variety of industry types gives us a real advantage – and….we spend the time necessary to interpret your needs and get to know your business.

We listen to your needs and We ALWAYS strive to over-deliver.

We're Friendly and We Don't Bite.....

And we’d love the chance to work together.

Contact us today for all your design and marketing needs. Oh, and show us a ‘Apples for Apples’ quote that’s cheaper than ours and we’ll eat our hats, guaranteed!

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