Web Design and Marketing Services for North Carolina.

We pride ourselves in delivering quality web design at a price that any business can afford. We maintain the highest standards of design service and support and stay at the forefront of the ever-changing web technology.

We ensure all of our designs meet the latest internet specifications including cross-browser compatibility and fully mobile responsive compliance.

Search Engine Optimization – Our roots date back to the days before Google, when Internet Search was dominated by the likes of AltaVista, Excite, AOL and Yahoo. We quickly became one of the leading authorities in Search Engine Optimization, writing articles and providing information and services to a wide variety of clients, most of whom were established internet companies but oblivious to the concept of SEO.

Since that time we’ve continued to evolve our marketing and SEO services, always focusing on ‘white hat’ optimization techniques and always working closely within the constraints of Google’s Terms of Service. 

Of course the new age of SEO depends heavily on Social Media Marketing to gain good ranking results on the key search engines, so we offer a broad range of Social Media marketing services, from basic account creation to fully supported Fan/Follower recruitment and managed advertising.

Though always surrounded by controversy, email marketing still remains as one of the most effective ways of driving online sales. To that end we create and manage email marketing campaigns for a wide range of clients, focusing heavily on brand creation/awareness, driving sales, and promoting a positive brand identity.

Website Design – Our designs range in complexity from basic website brochures to full-flight eCommerce designs. We’ve created very sophisticated web enterprises using WordPress Multi-User, WooCommerce, Joomla, Drupal and HTML5. We’ve incorporated extensive feature sets such as International real-time shipping, multi-payment methods from Stripe, Paypal, Amazon, Google Wallet and Apple Pay, Dealer Pricing modules with private dealer access to scaled/discounted pricing, online event booking portals, employment / recruitment portals and many more.

We work with WordPress / WooCommerce as our preferred website design and eCommerce platform, but have experience with a wide range of shopping carts including Shopify, X-Cart, Monster Commerce and more.

Small Companies and New Start-Ups – We pride ourselves in having the experience and patience to work closely with new start-up businesses, where we can add a great deal of value throughout the conceptual stages of the business, guiding clients through the minefield of the Internet and ensuring they embark on a new web venture which leads them to a profitable outcome.

We’ve not only advised people on the best approach to building new web-based businesses, we’ve also helped people selling on sites like Amazon and eBay. (We have extensive experience of Amazon Seller Central and FBA). 

Full Service Design and Marketing – for company branding purposes we believe in presenting a consistant and cohesive image throughout. To this end we provide an Agency Service where we can manage all aspects of company marketing and brand development – Logo creation, flyer / brochure design, stationary design, web design, marketing etc. We also have extensive experience in packaging and label design, particularly within the vitamin supplement industry where we can advise on FDA/FTC label/packaging compliance, and more.

A small team dedicated to impeccable service – we have an established staff of designers, graphic artists, copywriters and programmers on our team, but ALL projects will be managed directly by either our CEO Carl Hruza, or VP of Sales and Marketing Lisa Seeber.

Carl has a Degree in Electrical Engineering and a Business Management Degree from Manchester University, UK. LinkedIN

Lisa has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications from the University of Wisconsin, Green Bay. LinkedIN

Our offices are located in Havelock, North Carolina and we work with clients in NC and around the world.

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